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Cancer progression and development of resistance to treatment is an urgent medical problem. Epigenetic reprogramming is an integral component of lineage-specific transcriptional programmes and its potential role to tumour evolution has now attracted substantial interest from many fields of science. The field of epigenetics including chromatin organization, transcription regulation and aspects of stem cell biology offers important insights for cancer biology, individualized patient stratification, monitoring and prediction of treatment outcome, thereby opening a largely unexplored field with great potential for precision medicine.

This conference brings together scientists from multidisciplinary fields employing different research strategies: (1) Epigenetic profiling at genome-wide and/or single cell level to identify complex dynamic regulatory interactions, (2) Bioinformatics and mathematical modelling to understand and predict observed (dynamic) phenotypic responses, (3) Innovative epigenetic interference tools using for instance CRISPR/dCas-based epigenetic editing tools to locally overwrite epigenetic signatures and to verify the impact of defined alterations in epigenetic regulation.

The meeting provides a platform for scientists focusing on fundamental and biomedical research, clinicians and private sector scientists.

We aim to create a vibrant environment to promote cross-talk between different disciplines. We will discuss processes and mechanisms involved in various aspects of epigenetic regulation, such as higher order chromatin folding, chromatin enhancer regulation, dynamics of chromatin and nuclear organization and epigenomics in the context of cancer initiation, progression and treatment. The latest scientific developments to study epigenetic regulation will be presented in keynotes and contributed presentations, and will set ground for precision medicine in cancer treatment.

The Systems Epigenetics: Towards Precision Cancer Medicine Conference is organized in the context of the EpiPredict EU H2020 Innovative Training Network (www.EpiPredict.eu) coordinated by Dr Pernette Verschure. EpiPredict employs a systems medicine approach to obtain a detailed mechanistic understanding of epigenetic regulation in resistance development against hormonal treatment in breast cancer estrogen receptor positive patients.

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Dr Pernette J. Verschure (University of Amsterdam)


EpiPredict Conference 2018 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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      KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
      Mauritskade 63
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      The Netherlands

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